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Wellapalooza 2016 was a huge success! 

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EDS Wellness, Inc. is a registered wellness non-profit organization promoting health education, integrative healthcare, and wellness strategies for living well with chronic illnesses, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) and Mast Cell Activation Diseases (MCAD).

EDS Wellness provides education on various movement, nutrition, and mind-body techniques by collaborating with healthcare practitioners and like-minded organizations, to achieve our mission on various EDS and chronic illness-related projects and initiatives.

EDS Wellness, Inc.
EDS Wellness, Inc. and its affiliates disseminate pertinent and reliable information through the publishing of print and digital media educational resources and materials, including seminars, webinars, conferences, coaching and patient advocacy. Our hope is that by doing so, we help improve the quality of life and overall well-being of individuals living with EDS and other chronic, often invisible illnesses.

Wellapalooza Integrative Wellness Conferences and Retreats are a large collaborative initiative under the EDS Wellness mission.

The Wellapalooza Mission
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The Gift of Wella

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I just got back from my trip east, and wanted to thank you for putting on a wonderful conference. I think that your work is invaluable, and I am grateful I was able to participate.

I was thrilled to hear Dr. Afrin speak, and to participate in the two Q & A sessions. What an astounding opportunity. Each of the speakers provided excellent information and useful strategies, and I learned a great deal from each of them. I learned a great deal from the other participants as well. I appreciated the time we had to talk in very relaxed environments.

I also liked that we were encouraged to move, within our limits, and to have fun!  One of my favourite parts was listening to Dr. Norris – and joining in the restorative yoga.  She is a great instructor!  Were it not for my being a bit extra tired from the journey, I absolutely would have tried more of the sessions offered each day.  Next time 🙂  [I have already looked into a restorative yoga class not far from my home.]

I hope you have had a chance to recover!  It was an incredible undertaking.  Thank you again for taking it on.

Judy A.
“A very large percentage of my migraines are most likely caused by a Mast Cell reaction, evidenced by the massive allergic reaction symptoms that I have when I have a migraine, the rash, swollen lips, severe Brain fog, dilated eyes, etc. [At Wellapalooza, Dr. Theo suggested in his presentation] that if we treat the Mast Reaction as soon as I notice it, because we often see that before a migraine hits, possibly even with an EpiPen, we might be able to halt a migraine in its tracks and blow it out of the water. Since migraines are a massive issue that I deal with Daily/weekly, this literally blew me away. It could literally [change] my entire life and the entire way of treating my worst symptom. Furthermore, [my daughter] has the same symptoms before she gets a massive migraine. This could completely change her world. I’m very much looking forward to the next [Wellapalooza], and finding out even more of what we can do!

Also, the after party in the Salt Cave was an amazing way to decompress and relax at the end of the day, while enjoying the company of other women who suffer from EDS too, and learning their stories, and ways that they cope.”

Rachel Zasada Bowman
“I attended the first Wellapalooza in April of 2014 not sure what to expect. I had been ill from a mystery affliction and had seen dozens of medical practitioners with no help at all. I felt isolated and desperate. For the first time I met and spoke to many folks with my symptoms. I realized I wasn’t crazy and there were other people who believed me when I spoke of my inability to eat and function. We were like survivors of a medical holocaust. It was a week-long therapy session with amazing speakers and food I could actually eat without being bedridden for several days. At the end of the retreat, I was able to feel hope for the first time. I now had resources, names, websites and new friends. I was and remain grateful for the opportunity.”
Debbie Tadolini